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Hotel Business Management System

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CRM - Comprehensive customer and supplier database:

  • input customer passport, driving licence, identification card and contact data
  • compose target audience groups and send e-mail news-letters to the whole group at a time
  • use integrated e-mail client, document business conversations, meetings and calls
  • print mailing labels, full-text search all parties by any field
  • make list of employee roles and assign system security privileges for each role
  • use reminders to do things before you forget them

Accomodation order administration:

  • hotel plan, facility and room data
  • offered service rates by season, service type and room type
  • input comprehensive order data: reservation status, accomodation period and room
  • use integrated graphical week or month spanning reservation time-table for visual convenience
  • print template-based memo for a customer based on order data
  • print today's plan listing all arrivals and departures ordered by time

Customer billing and turnover analysis:

  • prepare customer invoice in one click based on order data
  • use invoice templates in single/double currency, single/double language
  • achieve desirable invoice detalization level by joining or expanding invoice lines
  • prepare and use standard billing notes for all and for specific customers
  • send PDF invoice to a customer by e-mail
  • use long-term invoice data to generate turnover and comparative analysis reports

Business accounting:

  • design your own chart of accounts (or modify one of the two offered templates)
  • use General Ledger, operation templates, general journal and corrections
  • generate operations based on all pre-selected period documents
  • print purchase and sales invoices
  • register payments (both receipts and disbursements)
  • use wage and authorship salary accounting registry
  • print debt reports, use account closing procedures
  • calculate of depreciation of your fixed assets
  • print petty cash vouchers, cash book, cash income and expense orders
  • prepare financial reporting documents

Deployment methods: internet datacenter; local network server; standalone Windows PC
User Interface: english or lithuanian