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ISPC Wavefinder

ISPC Wavefinder is a visual wavelet software for Windows. It has been created working with Dr. Erika Pakštienė, Vilnius University. The software allows to organize your work into projects consisting of source data, calculated wavelet data and output files. Provides a comfortable user interface for wavelet calculation parameters. Produced output files can be used to feed Gnuplot, Origin and other software.

If you use this software for your scientific research - please reference Dr. Erika Pakštienė and Institute of Theoretical Physics and Astronomy, Vilnius University in your publication.


ISPC Wavefinder Light (Free)

Light version is free of charge. There is no documentation and no support. It is for evaluation purposes.

(521 Kb) Download: ISPC Wavefinder Light 3.0.6 - 2012.05.12


ISPC Wavefinder Pro (29 EUR)

Pro version is for professional use. In addition to Light version you get:

  • Multi processor support (run multiple calculations in the same time);
  • Pause and resume long lasting calculations (can be used for reboot);
  • Project data stored using open source Firebird SQL server;
  • Optimized RAM memory usage;
  • English documentation.