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ISPC Planner - is a modern enterprise workflow organization tool, featuring all means to effectively manage all aspects of daily enterprise activity from customer e-mail with a request to financial reporting.

Main modules are:

  • Comprehensive customer, supplier and employee database;
  • Order and document management;
  • Customer billing and perfomance analysis;
  • Warehouse and financial accounting.

Deployment methods. Your enterprise is using:

  • On-premises Windows server - Access Planner using Remote Desktop or your local network;
  • Windows server hosted on the Internet - Access Planner using Planner browser or Internet browser;
  • Standalone Windows workstation - Access Planner installed on this local workstation.

  7 reasons, why Excel™ is not enough
    Adjust profitability of every order all in one screen
    E-mail customers notifications on their order status change
    Manage reservations visually using integrated time-table
    Prepare and e-mail customer PDF invoice in one-click
    Attach associated files and documents to their orders
    Analise and compare enterprise performance by periods
    Order to customize the system for your specific needs