Translation office
Car rental agency
Fleet management
Logistics office

(valid since 2018.01.01)

Product, Service Price, without VAT
ISPC "Planner" 2018 Enterprise Windows Edition license *) € 490
ISPC "Planner" 2018 Enterprise Internet Edition license *) € 390
ISPC "Planner" 2018 Translation Office Translator's Internet Edition license *) € 290
ISPC "Planner" 2018 Translation Office Customer's Internet Edition license *) € 290
Deployment, training, programming and support services € 26 / hour
Customization project depends on scope

*) License for a single enterprise, unlimited time and workstation count.

ISPC "Planner" is using open source SQL database server to store it's data. Here is how you will not have to pay for SQL database server licenses.